Much Obliged Jeeves
Ref: 3731
Series: Jeeves - book 0 of 13
Published: 1971
Publisher: Barrie & Jenkins


It is a time of stress at Market Snodsbury as Bertie must protect himself from the affections of Madeline Bassett. Bertie always tries to look on the bright side - only this time there doesn't seem to be one. If only Jeeves could come to the rescue.

Just as Bertie Wooster is a member of the Drones Club, Jeeves has a club of his own, the Junior Ganymede, exclusively for butlers and gentlemen's gentlemen. In its inner sanctum is kept the Book of Revelations, where the less than perfect habits of their employers are lovingly recorded. The book is, of course, pure dynamite. So what happens when it disappears into potentially hostile hands?


Tossed about in the resulting whirlwind you'll find lots of Wodehouse's favourite characters - and a welcome return to Market Snodsbury, in the middle of one of the most chaotic elections of modern times.

First Edition