2013Blandings Video release suitable for 12 years and over 7.0

Blandings Castle is dysfunction junction, the home of a chaotic family struggling to keep itself in order. Clarence Threepwood, Ninth Earl of Emsworth and master of Blandings Castle, yearns with all his soul to be left in peace; preferably in the company of his beloved pig, The Empress. But he never is. There is always someone who wants him to do something. Presiding over the blitzkrieg on his equilibrium is the baleful figure of his sister Connie, with whom he shares the house; at her shoulder is Clarence's brainless younger son Freddie and a panoply of friends, enemies, servants, spongers, private detectives, bookies and confidence tricksters

30mActors: Timothy Spall, Jennifer Saunders, Jack Farthing, Tim VineLanguage: EnglishGenre: ComedyFormat: seriesUK

2005Piccadilly Jim 6.0

It's the 1930's. American sisters Eugenia Crocker and Nesta Pett are extremely wealthy and extremely competitive, with each disliking the other. Their latest quest of oneupsmanship has Nesta trying to marry off her niece by marriage, poetess turned crime novelist Ann Chester, to Lord Reginald Wisbeach, so that there will royalty in the family. This move is against Ann's wishes as she doesn't love the stuffy Lord. Meanwhile, Eugenia, now living in London, is trying to buy a royal title. Eugenia's current quest and others like it are always hindered by the notoriety of her stepson, James Crocker - better known as Piccadilly Jim, for the newspaper gossip column he used to write and the job from which he got fired - who is known as a womanizer, brawler, gambler and drunk. Jim is thinking about becoming more respectable when he meets and falls in love at first sight with a beautiful American visiting London. That woman is Ann, who hates what she knows of Jim, not only for that notoriety, but also because Piccadilly Jim the columnist once criticized her book of love poems (although it was not actually Jim who was writing the column at the time) which she felt ruined her career. Although Jim doesn't know why Ann doesn't like "Piccadilly Jim" as she has never met him, he, in his pursuit of her which takes them back to New York, assumes the name Algernon Bayliss, who is actually the Crocker family butler. Ann, who wants a man with an adventurous streak, too falls in love with "Bayliss", despite his overwhelming respectability, although she would prefer if he was a little more dangerous. Throw into the mix cases of mistaken identity (as the Petts and Crockers have never met), a German spy, a fake maid, a secret explosive liquid, and a not so kidnapping of a whiskey-swilling, chain-smoking child, and Ann may figure out what or who she really wants in life.

97mDirector: John McKayWriter: Julian Fellowes (screenplay), P.G. Wodehouse (book)Actors: Sam Rockwell, Frances O'Connor, Tom Wilkinson, Brenda BlethynLanguage: EnglishGenre: Comedy, RomanceFormat: movieIsleOfManUK

1995Heavy Weather Suitable for all 7.2

At Blandings Castle, the Earl of Emsworth only cares about his prize pig 'The Empress' and is wilfully ignorant of the fact that his brother is planning to publish a book which might ruin the family name forever. Moreover, the Earl's nephew might cause the family some major damage by getting married to a terribly unsuitable chorus girl.

95mDirector: Jack GoldWriter: Douglas Livingstone (screenplay), P.G. Wodehouse (novel)Actors: Judy Parfitt, Roy Hudd, Richard Briers, Peter O'TooleLanguage: EnglishAwards: 1 nomination.Genre: ComedyFormat: movieUSAUK

1968Ukridge 0.0

Stanley Featherstonehaugh (pronounced "fan-shaw") Ukridge is a quick-witted idler who is always working on his next get-rich scheme. This may lead to him opening a dog-training school, insuring fiddles, rigging horse races, or just hitting up his hapless chum Corky. Based on the stories by P.G. Wodehouse.

30mActors: Anton Rodgers, Julian Holloway, Marian Spencer, Harry DavisLanguage: EnglishGenre: ComedyFormat: seriesUK

1967Blandings Castle 7.8

Clarence Threepwood, 9th Earl of Emsworth, lord and master of Blandings Castle, wants nothing more than to talk to his prize pig and potter about in his gardens. Reality intrudes in the form of family duties and his strong-willed sisters.

30mWriter: P.G. WodehouseActors: Ralph Richardson, Stanley Holloway, Meriel Forbes, Jack RadcliffeLanguage: EnglishGenre: ComedyFormat: seriesUK

1962The Girl on the Boat Suitable for all 5.9

The zany Wisdom, put in charge of his aunt's cottage during an English summer in the roaring twenties, decides to invite several of his friends to his posh new digs. Among the invitees is the title character, played by the delightful comedienne Millicent Martin. All sorts of slapstick chaos ensues, but Wisdom manages to save the day before things get hopelessly out of hand. Like Jerry Lewis, Norman Wisdom is an acquired taste, but he's worth sampling at least once.

90mDirector: Henry KaplanWriter: P.G. Wodehouse (novel), Reuben Ship (screenplay)Actors: Norman Wisdom, Millicent Martin, Richard Briers, Sheila HancockLanguage: EnglishGenre: ComedyFormat: movieUK

1938Blixt och dunder 5.3

The aristocratic count Hägerskiöld is very proud of his swine Helen of Troy who wins a prize every year as the best swine in the area. This year his son Claes-Ferdinand needs money to get married with Pyret, a chorus-girl. His father won't give him any so he steals the swine, expecting that his father will give a reward to anyone who can find her.

Director: Anders HenriksonWriter: Hasse Ekman, P.G. Wodehouse (book)Actors: Olof Winnerstrand, Nils Wahlbom, Frida Winnerstrand, Åke SöderblomLanguage: SwedishGenre: ComedyFormat: movieSweden

1937A Damsel in Distress Suitable for all 6.9 Rotten Tomatoes - Fresh Created with Sketch. 71

Lady Alyce Marshmorton must marry soon, and the staff of Tottney Castle have laid bets on who she'll choose, with young Albert wagering on "Mr. X." After Alyce goes to London to meet a beau (bumping into dancer Jerry Halliday, instead), she is restricted to the castle to curb her scandalous behavior. Albert then summons Jerry to Alyce's aid in order to "protect his investment."

101mDirector: George StevensWriter: P.G. Wodehouse (from the story by), Ian Hay (play), P.G. Wodehouse (play), P.G. Wodehouse (screen play), Ernest Pagano (screen play), S.K. Lauren (screen play), P.J. Wolfson (screenplay)Actors: Fred Astaire, George Burns, Gracie Allen, Joan FontaineLanguage: EnglishAwards: Won 1 Oscar. Another 1 nomination.Genre: Comedy, Music, RomanFormat: movieUSA

1936Thank You, Jeeves! 6.5

Erudite manservant Jeeves hopes to keep his frivolous employer Bertie out of new harrowing adventures, but a damsel in distress, carrying half of some mysterious plans, intrudes on their London flat one rainy night. Bertie follows her to country hotel Mooring Manor, prepared to do slapstick battle with crooks posing as Scotland Yard men.

57mDirector: Arthur Greville CollinsWriter: Joseph Hoffman (screen play), Stephen Gross (screen play), P.G. Wodehouse (based on a story by)Actors: Arthur Treacher, Virginia Field, David Niven, Lester MatthewsLanguage: EnglishGenre: ComedyFormat: movieUSA

1936Piccadilly Jim 6.9

Jim's father wants to marry Eugenia, but her sister Netta refuses to allow it. When Jim sees Ann at a club, he falls for her even though she is with Lord Priory. He meets her the next day at the riding path, but she quickly loses him. He searches all over for her, not knowing that his father's fiancée is her Aunt. As his caricature work suffers as he searches, he is fired from his paper. But he makes a comeback with the comics 'Rags to Riches,' which is based upon the aunt's family. This upsets them so much that they go back to New York, and he follows, being careful not to let them know that he is the one who draws the strip that parodies them.

95mDirector: Robert Z. LeonardWriter: P.G. Wodehouse (novel), Charles Brackett, Edwin H. KnopfActors: Robert Montgomery, Frank Morgan, Madge Evans, Eric BloreLanguage: EnglishGenre: Comedy, RomanceFormat: movieUSA

1933Summer Lightning 0.0


78mDirector: Maclean RogersWriter: Miles Malleson, P.G. Wodehouse (novel)Actors: Ralph Lynn, Winifred Shotter, Chili Bouchier, Horace HodgesLanguage: EnglishGenre: ComedyFormat: movieUK

1927The Small Bachelor 0.0


Director: William A. SeiterWriter: Walter Anthony (titles), John B. Clymer, Rex Taylor (adaptation), P.G. Wodehouse (novel)Actors: Barbara Kent, George Beranger, Carmelita Geraghty, Gertrude AstorLanguage: EnglishFormat: movieUSA

1924The Clicking of Cuthbert 0.0

Romantic and slapstick mishaps on a golf course.

Director: Andrew P. WilsonWriter: P.G. Wodehouse (story)Actors: Peter Haddon, Helena Pickard, Moore Marriott, Peter UpcherGenre: Short, ComedyFormat: movieUK

1923A Gentleman of Leisure 0.0


60mDirector: Joseph HenaberyWriter: Anthony Coldeway, Jack Cunningham, John Stapleton (play), P.G. Wodehouse (play)Actors: Jack Holt, Casson Ferguson, Sigrid Holmquist, Alec B. FrancisGenre: ComedyFormat: movieUSA

1919Piccadilly Jim 0.0


Director: Wesley RugglesWriter: P.G. Wodehouse (novel)Actors: Owen Moore, Zena Keefe, George Bunny, William T. HayesGenre: ComedyFormat: movieUSA

1919A Damsel in Distress 0.0

Maud March, the rebellious daughter of a a millionaire, goes to New York to see her sweetheart Geoffrey who left town years ago. Her aunt Carolyn wants Maud to marry her son Reggie and sends the girl's brother Percy after her to act as chaperon. Maud, trying to escape, enters a taxi where she meets handsome composer George Bevan. The man falls in love with the young lady who, when she sees Geoffrey has become fat and ugly, soon agrees to marry George.

Director: George ArchainbaudWriter: P.G. Wodehouse (novel)Actors: June Caprice, Creighton Hale, William H. Thompson, Charlotte GranvilleGenre: ComedyFormat: movieUSA

1918Uneasy Money 0.0

Lord Dawlish is made the heir of an eccentric English millionaire, who cuts off a nephew and niece, living in America. Dawlish is engaged to Claire Edmont, an actress. Dawlish offers half his inheritance to the niece, and when she refuses to accept he goes to America to persuade her. Claire follows, but not having received the letter regarding the inheritance she marries a man she meets on the boat. Dawlish meets Elizabeth as Bill Chalmers, his family name, and as Bill she learns to love him, but she discovers his identity, and things work to a rapid conclusion.

Director: Lawrence C. WindomWriter: Raymond E. Dakin (scenario), P.G. Wodehouse (novel)Actors: Taylor Holmes, Virginia Valli, Arthur W. Bates, Charles GardnerLanguage: EnglishGenre: ComedyFormat: movieUSA

1915A Gentleman of Leisure 0.0

A young New York society man makes a bet that he can rob a house and get away without being caught by the police. Shortly after making this wager, he overpowers a professional burglar in his own house, and instead of giving the man up, decides to use him in winning the bet. However, the house that he attempts to rob is the home of the Deputy Police Commissioner, with whose daughter he is in love. The succeeding complications, which arise out of this altogether original situation, are due to the Commissioner's willingness to accept graft and the professional burglar's inability to restrain himself when tempted to steal a valuable necklace. The final result is a happy conclusion to the very troubled love-story.

Director: George MelfordWriter: John Stapleton (play), P.G. Wodehouse (play)Actors: Wallace Eddinger, Sydney Deane, Gertrude Kellar, Tom FormanLanguage: EnglishGenre: ComedyFormat: movieUSA