Ref: 3805
Published: 1924


Money makes the world go round for Stanley Featherstonehaugh Ukridge - and when there isn't enough of it, the world just has to spin a bit faster.

Ever on the lookout for a quick buck, a solid gold fortune, or at least a plausible little scrounge, the irrepressible Ukridge gives con men a bad name. Looking like an animated blob of mustard in his bright yellow raincoat, he invests time, passion and energy (but seldom actual cash) in a series of increasingly bizarre money-making schemes. Finance for a dog college? It's yours. Shares in an accident syndicate? Easily arranged. Promoting a kind-hearted heavyweight boxer? A snip.

Poor Corky Corcoran, Ukridge's old school chum and confidant, trails through these pages in the ebullient wake of Wodehouse's most disreputable but endearing hero and hopes to escape with his shirt at least.

Films of Ukridge

1968Ukridge 0.0

Stanley Featherstonehaugh (pronounced "fan-shaw") Ukridge is a quick-witted idler who is always working on his next get-rich scheme. This may lead to him opening a dog-training school, insuring fiddles, rigging horse races, or just hitting up his hapless chum Corky. Based on the stories by P.G. Wodehouse.

30mActors: Anton Rodgers, Julian Holloway, Marian Spencer, Harry DavisLanguage: EnglishGenre: ComedyFormat: seriesUK