The Girl on the Boat
Ref: 3789
Published: 1922


Craving the kind of knee-slapping shenanigans that only P.G. Wodehouse can deliver? Dive into The Girl on the Boat, an uproarious tale of romantic entanglement that unfolds against the backdrop of a trans-Atlantic ocean cruise. First published in serial format under title Three Men and a Maid, this novel offers Wodehouse fans a much-needed dose of the writer's inimitable humor.

Films of The Girl on the Boat

1962The Girl on the Boat Suitable for all 5.9

The zany Wisdom, put in charge of his aunt's cottage during an English summer in the roaring twenties, decides to invite several of his friends to his posh new digs. Among the invitees is the title character, played by the delightful comedienne Millicent Martin. All sorts of slapstick chaos ensues, but Wisdom manages to save the day before things get hopelessly out of hand. Like Jerry Lewis, Norman Wisdom is an acquired taste, but he's worth sampling at least once.

90mDirector: Henry KaplanWriter: P.G. Wodehouse (novel), Reuben Ship (screenplay)Actors: Norman Wisdom, Millicent Martin, Richard Briers, Sheila HancockLanguage: EnglishGenre: ComedyFormat: movieUK