Summer Lightning
Ref: 3725
Series: Blandings - book 0 of 8
Published: 1929

Films of Summer Lightning

1938Blixt och dunder 5.3

The aristocratic count Hägerskiöld is very proud of his swine Helen of Troy who wins a prize every year as the best swine in the area. This year his son Claes-Ferdinand needs money to get married with Pyret, a chorus-girl. His father won't give him any so he steals the swine, expecting that his father will give a reward to anyone who can find her.

Director: Anders HenriksonWriter: Hasse Ekman, P.G. Wodehouse (book)Actors: Olof Winnerstrand, Nils Wahlbom, Frida Winnerstrand, Åke SöderblomLanguage: SwedishGenre: ComedyFormat: movieSweden

1933Summer Lightning 0.0


78mDirector: Maclean RogersWriter: Miles Malleson, P.G. Wodehouse (novel)Actors: Ralph Lynn, Winifred Shotter, Chili Bouchier, Horace HodgesLanguage: EnglishGenre: ComedyFormat: movieUK