A Damsel in Distress
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Published: 1919


First serialized in "The Saturday Evening Post" between May and June of 1919, P. G. Wodehouse's "A Damsel in Distress" is the light-hearted whimsical tale of American composer George Bevan who falls in love with a mysterious young lady who takes refuge in his taxicab one day. When George finally tracks her down, all manner of comedic chaos is bound to ensue in classic Wodehouse fashion.

Films of A Damsel in Distress

1937A Damsel in Distress Suitable for all 6.9 Rotten Tomatoes - Fresh Created with Sketch. 71

Lady Alyce Marshmorton must marry soon, and the staff of Tottney Castle have laid bets on who she'll choose, with young Albert wagering on "Mr. X." After Alyce goes to London to meet a beau (bumping into dancer Jerry Halliday, instead), she is restricted to the castle to curb her scandalous behavior. Albert then summons Jerry to Alyce's aid in order to "protect his investment."

101mDirector: George StevensWriter: P.G. Wodehouse (from the story by), Ian Hay (play), P.G. Wodehouse (play), P.G. Wodehouse (screen play), Ernest Pagano (screen play), S.K. Lauren (screen play), P.J. Wolfson (screenplay)Actors: Fred Astaire, George Burns, Gracie Allen, Joan FontaineLanguage: EnglishAwards: Won 1 Oscar. Another 1 nomination.Genre: Comedy, Music, RomanFormat: movieUSA

1919A Damsel in Distress 0.0

Maud March, the rebellious daughter of a a millionaire, goes to New York to see her sweetheart Geoffrey who left town years ago. Her aunt Carolyn wants Maud to marry her son Reggie and sends the girl's brother Percy after her to act as chaperon. Maud, trying to escape, enters a taxi where she meets handsome composer George Bevan. The man falls in love with the young lady who, when she sees Geoffrey has become fat and ugly, soon agrees to marry George.

Director: George ArchainbaudWriter: P.G. Wodehouse (novel)Actors: June Caprice, Creighton Hale, William H. Thompson, Charlotte GranvilleGenre: ComedyFormat: movieUSA